Romanian Rural Tourism (RoRuT)

The ''forefather'' of the 22nd International Conference on Tourism and Sustainability (ICTS) was the national conference with international participation on Romanian Rural Tourism (RoRuT), established in 1999 by Dr. Alecsandru Puiu Tacu (d. 1 January 2005) and Dr. Ion Talabă (retired), then scientific researchers at "Gheorghe Zane" Institute of Economic Research ("Gh. Zane" Institute of Economic and Social Research since 2002) - Romanian Academy, Branch of Iași.

Alecsandru Puiu Tacu

Director, ''Gh. Zane'' IER

Ion Talabă

Senior Researcher, ''Gh. Zane'' IESR

The aim of RoRuT was to assess and promote the economic scientific research portfolio on rural tourism and to propose strategies for rural tourism development at the local and national levels.

Ever since the beginning, the Republic of Moldova – once part of our national territory – has been a most welcome presence through the endeavour of so many Moldovan theorists and practitioners who have attended every edition of the conference.


Romanian Rural Tourism in the Context of Sustainable Development. Present and Prospects (RoRuTSD)

Due to the ever-increasing concern about the relationship between tourism and development under the imperative of sustainability, in 2009 the conference was retitled in order to reflect the growing interest of its participants for sustainable development through tourism.


Romanian Rural Tourism in International Context. Presents and Prospects (RoRuTIC)


Teodor Păduraru

Senior Researcher, ''Gh. Zane'' IESR

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